[Taxacom] The spider and the slug

Kevin Richards RichardsK at landcareresearch.co.nz
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While we are on the subject of associations, I have a question for those
of you who work with association related data.
I am currently working on a project, to be demo'd/presented at TDWG
next month that involves defining a data structure/schema for specimens
including fields for associated organisms.  The example data I am
working with is the Herb IMI fungal specimen data and related Index
Fungorum scientific names.  In this particular case, the association
data is primarily for "host" relationships, eg a fungus growing on a
host plant.  But as part of the exercise we really need an encompassing
list of "association" or "interaction" terms that will cover the
majority of specimen and observation oriented interactions.
Does anyone know of any project/work that has resulted in such a list
of terms?  or can head me in the right direction to find one?
Kevin Richards

>>> "Robin Leech" <releech at telusplanet.net> 21/08/2007 11:49:58 a.m.

Hi Jan,
Was the spider being eaten by the slug?  One of its pedipalps is
and looks to have been torn off.
If you still have the spider, preserved, there are a number of people
might be able to help you ID it.
A good way to catch and "fix" molluscs is with novacaine - yes the
dentists use in your gums.  You need only about 0.2 millilitres per
millitres of water.  Drop the slug in.  It will go numb very quickly,
relax.  Once it is relaxed, you can drop it into preservative, and it
contract into a small ball.

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> Dear Taxacomers,
> Two weeks ago, I found these two animals closely associated, at Lake
> Baringo in Kenya: http://www.dochterland.org/slug&spider.htm
> Does anyone know whether this is a chance meeting or not? Does
> know the species?
> Thanks,
> Jan
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