[Taxacom] Tetrastigma tuberculatum: nom. illeg.?

Curtis Clark jcclark-lists at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 21 08:49:39 CDT 2007

On 2007-08-21 06:01, Boggan, John wrote:
> I thought I knew the Code pretty well but overlooked Art. 58.1. Despite
> being published as an avowed combination, Tetrastigma tuberculatum
> Latiff 2001 is apparently to be considered a nom. nov. for Cissus
> tuberculata Blume (non Jacq.), with the same type.

I guess I know I'm getting old when I can no longer rely on, uh, what's 
it called...memory!

> Unfortunately there's more: at the same time he made the "combination",
> Latiff synonymized several species under T. tuberculatum: Cissus
> mutabilis Bl. (1825), Tetrastigma mutabile (Bl.) Planch. (1887),
> Tetrastigma encephalospermum Ridl. (1926), Vitis kunstleri King (1896),
> Tetrastigma kunstleri (King) Craib (1926), Vitis rafflesiae Miq.
> (1863-64) & Tetrastigma rafflesiae (Miq.) Planch. (1887). If I'm looking
> at these names and dates right, he should have taken up T. mutabile
> (Bl.) Planch. as the correct name for this taxon, as Cissus mutabilis
> Bl. (1825) is the next oldest name after Cissus tuberculata Bl.
> (actually published at the same time) and therefore has priority over T.
> tuberculatum Latiff (2001) IF all these taxa are combined under one
> name.

Based on Article 58.1, that would seem to be the case, since the nom. 
nov. only dates to 2001.

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