[Taxacom] The dangers of conservation work

Paul van Rijckevorsel dipteryx at freeler.nl
Wed Aug 22 08:03:26 CDT 2007


Yesterday the media presented two interviews with van Roosmalen, 
* on the radio: http://www.ochtenden.nl/afleveringen/34989811/ and
* on television [the icon below "video"]:

Under the terms of his release he is quite limited in what he may say and do. 
He is hoping for a favourable outcome of either of two procedures:
* the appeal, expected to take two or three years, 
* an annulment of the trial, a matter of weeks.
The latter will depend on showing irregularities in the trial (van Roosmalen stated that the first he was aware of the trial was when the police came by to handcuff him and to transport him to prison, to serve his 14 years).

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