[Taxacom] Sargasso sea flies (Diptera)

Spies, Martin spies at zi.biologie.uni-muenchen.de
Tue Aug 28 14:21:01 CDT 2007

Richard Heard wrote:

>There is a species chironomid that occurs in reef areas off southern Florida
>and into the Caribbean to depths of 30+ meters.  The larva of this truly
>marine species, which has an abbreviated adult stage, is greenish in color
>rather than reddish as in most other types of chironomid larvae.
>Unfortunately, I can't think of the genus name at the moment.
What you're thinking of is a member of the genus Pontomyia Edwards, 1926 
that, as far as I recall, hasn't been identified by a scientific species 
By the way: If you'll forgive me, the notion that "most ... chironomid 
larvae" are reddish -- like most generalizations about the Chironomidae 
-- is an unduly gross generalization.

I do sincerely support the motion, though, that (immature and adult) 
specimens should be examined by an expert in order to do better than 

Never mind, and best regards

Martin Spies
c/o Zoologische Staatssammlung Muenchen

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