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Thu Aug 30 09:04:49 CDT 2007

Dear Colleagues,

apologies for cross-posting.  This message was sent out to the EDIT  
project members and then a very similar message to the TDGW mailing  
list in response to an active discussion about display of taxonomic  
information.  It seems appropriate to share this with the TAXACOM  
membership too.

Note that these sites are versioned and archived, so a URL and a date  
gives a unique and recoverable reference to a page's content within a  
dynamic reference work.

You may have seen in the latest EDIT newsletter
an article describing 'Scratchpads'. These are web sites that EDIT  
are making available to foster collaboration between taxonomists.  
More than twenty communities are already using their Scratchpad to  
share, manage and integrate taxonomic data on the web.

Would you please advertise and encourage people in your institution  
to take advantage of these sites, either by collaborating with an  
existing site or by starting a new one. A little technical skill is  
required to manage a site, but we provide an extensive collection of  
videos to help users get started

The system to support these sites is based at the Natural History  
Museum in London, but site content is owned and managed by the  
communities that created them. The NHML will support the server for  
the foreseeable future, certainly beyond the life of the EDIT project  

To learn more, direct your colleagues to: http:// 

Take a look at the current sites:

Or try a demonstration:

Cheers,  Dave Roberts
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Web page:  http://www.e-taxonomy.eu/
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