[Taxacom] New On-line Identification Key Player

Mathew Taylor m.taylor at cbit.uq.edu.au
Fri Dec 14 00:32:06 CST 2007

A new on-line player for Lucid3 keys (which will also play any SDD
compatible key) has been developed by the CBIT Lucid team.  Since this
on-line player is instantly accessible, it provides an additional and
attractive option for delivering identification keys across the


We plan to release this new player early next year, once some additional
features have been developed.  In the meantime, we have deployed  a
number of existing Lucid3 keys on the Internet using this new player.
The following link will take you to an Introduction page, which provides
further information about the on-line player as well as access to the
demonstration keys - http://www.lucidcentral.org/online_player/


We would appreciate  any feedback you can provide on the performance of
this on-line player - for instance, did you experience any problems or
do you have suggestions on how the player might be improved?  Please
send your comments to M.Taylor at cbit.uq.edu.au.




Matt Taylor.

Centre for Biological Information Technology (CBIT)

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The University of Queensland

St Lucia, Queensland, 4072

PH:   61 7 33651858

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