[Taxacom] Fwd: Doctoral Student in Taxonomy and Biodiversity Informatics

Jaakko Hyvönen jaakko.hyvonen at helsinki.fi
Thu Dec 20 13:21:08 CST 2007

The GBIF Node at the Finnish Museum of Natural History seeks a biologist
with interest in taxonomy and informatics for a 3-year research project. The
purpose of the project is to build an e-infrastructure for resolving
scientific names of organisms to facilitate biodiversity data use and data
sharing in the Nordic region and beyond.  Initial appointment will be up to
24 months using available NordForsk funding. Further continuation is pending
on progress and success in acquiring the necessary funding.

The work requires designing and setting up a service on Internet that will
issue globally unique identifiers for scientific names and the underlying
taxonomic concepts based on the Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
specification, which has been standardized by the Biodiversity Informatics
Standards organization TDWG and is recommended by the Global Biodiversity
Information Facility (GBIF).  The incumbent will work in a team consisting
of a computer scientist and contributors in Nordic countries. Details of the
project are described in http://www.gbif.fi/projects/lsid/LSID_project-v4.html.

>>  Preferred qualifications
* Interest in taxonomy and understanding of how scientific nomenclature works
* Awareness of international developments in biodiversity informatics such
as TDWG, GBIF, Species 2000, etc.
* General interest in Internet and good computer skills as user
* Good communication skills, including good command of English and
preferably knowledge of a Scandinavian language
* M.Sc level in education.

>>  Terms and conditions
Employed as Ph.D. Student at the Finnish Museum of Natural History, P.
Rautatiekatu 13. Other location at another Nordic GBIF Node, or working
remotely, is possible and can be negotiated.

The salary for a doctoral student is based on level 2 of the demands level
chart for teaching and research personnel. With the salary component based
on personal work performance the overall salary range is 1678-2450 euros per

>>  How to apply
Send letter of application, CV and contact details of one or more referees
Hannu Saarenmaa, Finnish Museum of Natural History, P.O. Box 17
(P.Rautatiekatu 13), FI-00014 University of Helsinki. Applications are not
returned. The application deadline is Monday, 14 January 2008 at 15.45.

>>  For more information please contact Hannu Saarenmaa, +358 (0) 9 191
28688, hannu.saarenmaa at helsinki.fi.

Helsinki, December 19, 2007
Administration Office, University of Helsinki
Jaakko Hyvönen
Plant Biology (Biocenter 3), PO Box 65, FIN-00014 UNIV. HELSINKI, FINLAND

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