[Taxacom] FW: updated earthquake mashup... as a way to illustrate proliferation of taxonomic data

Donat Agosti agosti at amnh.org
Sat Dec 22 23:26:08 CST 2007

Here a little toy http://www.oe-files.de/gmaps/usgseq.html which would be
perfect to illustrate incoming results from current expedition and new
specimen data and observations

Merry Christmas



I gave my Timeline/Google Maps Earthquake Mashup at


another overhaul. Depending on the age of an earthquake, icons with
different transparency are used, giving the impression of events "fading
away". Combined with the new Terrain Map of Google Maps, I am quite
pleased with the result :))

And I finally got around to make the application work in Internet
Explorer, barely though. Of course, PNGs with alpha channel are not
supported (at least up to IE6), and there are a few other problems, but
it's probably better than nothing.

Happy Holidays,

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