[Taxacom] Help sought - re. spelling of Rhamnoides.

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W.T. Stearn in Botanical Latin edn 4 page 257 (with Greek transliterated):

"Transliterated into Latin, the masculine and feminine ending 
"oeides" (long e in final syllable) and the neuter "oeides" (short e 
in final syllable) become -oides. This comprises two parts:  the -o- 
which belongs to the stem and -eides (having the nature of, 
resembling)  [written in Greek script in Stearn] from eidos (shape, 
kind, nature). The -oi- of -oides should accordingly be pronounced as 
two short vowels oi, and not as a dipthong (ie not as in English 'adenoid')..."

I think that use of the diaeresis would be helpful to indicate the 
separate vowels, much as in Isöetes, but this rarely (never?) seems 
to be applied to generic names possessing this ending (eg Nymphoides 
and perhaps a hundred others).



At 01:47 PM 23/12/2007, Thomas Lammers wrote:
>Over the e or over the i?  I think it's a dieresis:
>This tells us that the o and i are to be pronounced separately, not 
>as a diphthong:
>"ram-no-EYE-dees" not "ram-NOI-dees"
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>Subject: [Taxacom] Help sought - re. spelling of Rhamnoides.
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> > I have occasionally come across Rhamnoides spelt with an umlaut
> > over the -e- in
> > english language texts.
> >
> > Can anyone help me as to the justification, correctness (?),
> > authority, or whatever, of
> > this spelling?
> >
> > Thanks in advance and compliments of the season to you all.
> >
> > John Steel.
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