[Taxacom] Terminology of trinomials

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Sun Dec 30 16:32:02 CST 2007

I am continuing to work on the specification of the "species"


AIUI, the name:

        Homo sapiens idaltu

is a trinomial (aka trinominal ?), consisting, in order, of a genus,
specific name (or "specific epithet") and sub-specific name (or

However, the archaic taxonomic name for a Little Ringed Plover [1] was:

        Charadrius dubius curonicus

Is this also a "trinomial", or does that form have a different name? If
not, how are the two types of name distinguished?

Apart from the Genus, Charadrius, what are the other components called?

[1] Used, for example, in British Birds, 39:2 (pages 57–8), in
February 1946; see reproduction here:


Andy Mabbett

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