[Taxacom] Help sought - re. spelling of Rhamnoides.

Laurent Raty l.raty at skynet.be
Sun Dec 30 18:12:32 CST 2007


> Unfortunately, I now note that Stearn also says (p. 52) that: "In 
> Latin every vowel is pronounced [...] The same applies to the 
> Latinized Greek ending -o-i'-des (not -oides) [...]."  And here he 
> indicates a short -o-, and a long accented -i'-. So here the 
> suggestion "ram-no-EYE-dees not ram-NOI-dees" is right, at least for 
> the -EYE-.

AFAIAA, the simple vowel 'i', be it short or long, accented or not, 
etc..., is never, ever pronounced "eye" (aïe ;-) in any language other 
than English...

All the best,
Laurent -
Laurent Raty
l.raty at skynet.be
Brussels, Belgium

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