[Taxacom] Terminology of trinomials

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Mon Dec 31 18:53:41 CST 2007

> Presumably, it will be necessary first to have mandatory 
> registration accepted into all the Codes: a lovely 
> controversial topic.

On that note, I will very briefly draw your attention to two URLs:



...both of which went live less than an hour ago (at exactly 00:00:00 GMT, 1
January 2008).

The former is "officially" live, though still very rudimentary.  It will
grow significantly over the next 6-8 months (both in features and content),
in response to much discussion I hope to see on this list and elsewhere
guiding us towards the eventual, elusive code-mandated registration of
scientific names.

The latter is not perfect (by any means), but will be elaborated on in some
detail in the near future (as the embeddded links become fleshed out in the
weeks ahead).

There is so much discuss, but I want to especially emphasize that both of
these items were very-much collaborative efforts, with tremendous input,
effort and time from many people who will be properly acknowledged soon. For
now, I am shutting down my computer after a 24-hour marathon of typing, and
will spend the remaining hours of 2007 (here in Hawaii) with my family and

Aloha, and best wishes for the coming year ... and also for the next 250
years of zoological nomenclature....


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