[Taxacom] Support for travel to TDWG 2007 in Bratislava (September 15-21, 2007)

Lee Belbin leebel at netspace.net.au
Tue Jul 10 19:05:41 CDT 2007

Dear TDWG Supporters

The TDWG Infrastructure Project will provide a total of US$25,000 to support
for members to travel to  <http://www.tdwg.org/conference2007/> TDWG 2007.
The following policy will be strictly applied-

1. Applications can only be considered from current financial members of

2. Some co-funding is a requirement for support from Project funds. The
Project will pay for at least one of 

*	transport costs,  
*	per diem (~US$71/night) or 
*	accommodation,

   but not all three.

3. Priority will be given for presentations on work relating to priority
TDWG Infrastructure Project related areas-

*	Ontology and vocabularies
*	Documentation, outreach and promotion
*	Work that integrates and structures TDWG activities

NOTE: All oral presentations must be approved by the Session Chair. Please
email the appropriate Session Chair and gain approval before applying for
travel support. Support will also be considered to those presenting posters.


4. Priority will also be given to those providing support for the
organization and running of the conference, and for students presenting

Requests for support must be e-mailed to  <mailto:lee at tdwg>
<mailto:at at tdwg.org> lee(at)tdwg.org  by COB 2400 UTC July 31 using only the
form at
rm.xls . Evaluation will take place as soon as possible after the closing
date. All travel support will be in accordance with
<http://www.gbif.org/Support/travel> GBIF travel guidelines. 

Those who are not already  <http://www.tdwg.org/membership/> registered on
the TDWG site are encouraged to do so. Registration on this site costs
nothing, and enables registered users to use the site facilities.




Lee Belbin
Manager, TDWG Infrastructure Project


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