[Taxacom] valide or not valide?

Andreas Gminder andreas at mollisia.de
Wed Jul 11 04:00:35 CDT 2007

Dear taxonomists,

in 2000 a new species of Psathyrella (fungi, Agaricales) was published by
Enderle & Wilhelm in the journal Zeitschrift für Mykologie.
In my opinion this publication is not valide according to art. 37.3 Tokyo
code, which requires an unmistakable indication of the holotype. In the
publication the authors mention two collections from the same location but
made in different years and in different spots. The only information to the
type is "Holotypus: depositus in herbario Universität Ulm (ULM)." As the two
collections mentioned are gathered in different time and even on different
spots, they can not be seen as one holotype according to art. 8.2 St. Louis
code resp. 8.1 Tokyo code.

The complete original diagnosis can be seen at

In the description and discussion in German language, which follows the
latin diagnoses, no other indication is made which of the two collection is
seen as the holotype.

In my eyes the authors have to validate their taxon by indicating which of
the two collections serves as holotype.
But what is the situation, if in ULM one of the two deposited collections
bears the hint holotype? I think this is not relevant, as the indication of
the unambigous holotype has to be made in the protologue, doen't it?

Am I right that the Tokyo Code is relevant for a publication in May 2000 or
does in this case the Saint Louis Code is already to applicate?

thank you for letting me know your opinion,
Andreas Gminder

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