[Taxacom] The dangers of conservation work

Paul van Rijckevorsel dipteryx at freeler.nl
Wed Jul 11 11:07:12 CDT 2007


The journal Bionieuws ran an article (over half a page), stating that the event at issue is the one reported here http://archives.cnn.com/2002/WORLD/americas/07/30/brazil.monkey/index.html, with the paperwork taking a long time and with van Roosmalen not responding to each charge by the due date.


Immediately after the news reports a website was started at http://www.helpmarcvanroosmalen.nl/, with a list of supporters (growing daily) and links. One of the websites linked to states that van Roosmalen was moved out of a fifty-people-to-a-cell facility to more secure holdings in early July. 

The website announces that this week the initiative will be formalized to become a Foundation which will gather funds and other support. A petition is being drafted, but it is still unclear to who this will be addressed. 
According to the website the charges brought are the following [rough translation by me from the Dutch translation at http://www.helpmarcvanroosmalen.nl/aanklacht.html, itself from the Portugese original. Note that the Dutch translation as of now is slightly different from that presented earlier on this website]:

a) Collecting data in the field without a permit

b) Carrying out externally financed projects without a permit

c) Leaving the country without permission

d) Having a private collection

e) Acting as a guide for ecotourism, while under contract

f) Collecting animal material and keeping an animal shelter without a permit

g) Sending parts of Brazil's genetic heritage abroad without permission.

h) Offering on his website to name new species/genera of animals after a benefactor [proceeds to go to research or conservation]. This resulted in a 12.5 years sentence.

i) Embezzlement of government funds

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