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Torbjörn Tyler Torbjorn.Tyler at sysbot.lu.se
Wed Jul 18 06:21:05 CDT 2007

Dear colleagues,

Owing to ignorant editors I have faced a problem forcing me to understand exactly how Art. 7.11 in the ICBN should be interpreted. It states that in order to be valid a lectotypification has to include the phrase "designated here (or equivalent)" in the "typification statement".

The problem has arisen since I have just published a paper whith lectotypifications where this phrase is absent. It is not really my fault since the "equivalent" phrase "selected here" was written directly after "lectotype" in each case in my original manuscript, but the editor/typsetter omitted it throughout when layouting the publication (indeed I can understand that he/she considered it unnessesery to repeat this phrase 41 times in the same paper), and I did not notice it when I got the last proofs...

The whole publication deals solely with lectotypifications and the short introduction ends "Lectotypes for 41 names ... are selected below" and then follows a list of combinations, each with a statement like "Lectotype: ....". In addition, it is stated in the Abstract that "names ... are lectotified".

The question now is if the last sentence in the introduction may be interpreted as part of the "typification statement" in the sense of the Code or if the whole publication has to be regarded as invalid simply because it does not state "Lectotype SELECTED HERE: ...." (as in my original manuscript) in each and every case.

Anyone out there who has some advice? May the lectotypifications still be treated as valid from this publication or do I have to try to force the editor to re-publish the whole paper???

Torbjörn Tyler


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