[Taxacom] Croizat's On The Center of Origin

John Grehan jgrehan at sciencebuff.org
Thu Jul 19 08:50:58 CDT 2007

I am pleased to announce that a transcribed copy of Croizat's manuscript
for the paper "On the 'Center of Origin'", previous to the modified
version co-authored by Gary Nelson and Donn Rosen, has now been posted
on the web for general access. 


The copy (as a pdf) is type written BPC (before personal computers)
manuscript which does not include the figures (which can be seen in the
published version). Also, in the absence of a copy of the actual ms
(which I do not have at this time) one would need to cite this version
as a transcription. The posting is to allow those who are interested to
compare a pre-publication version with the published version. I
emphasize "a" pre-publication version because Gary Nelson told me that
it was not identical in total detail to the version he received. 


Many years ago Michael Heads and I submitted the ms to Systematic
Zoology for publication to allow this kind of comparison (in the days
before the web) but it was rejected by the editor. The submission was
revived and as one of the reviewers Gary Nelson did not object to
publication. So with those caveats in mind the ms can be accessed
directly at http://www.sciencebuff.org/ftp_only/croizat1974ms.pdf or via
the link at


John Grehan



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