[Taxacom] ICBN question

Paul van Rijckevorsel dipteryx at freeler.nl
Thu Jul 19 14:01:46 CDT 2007

From: "Frederick W. Schueler" <bckcdb at istar.ca>
* it would seem to me that, in this case, the interesting question is
whether the problem, which resulted from "editorial" changes the author
didn't have the opportunity to review, could be remedied by the
publication of an "errata" notice.


Basically: No. It is a matter of establishing priority, and the whole
building of botanical nomenclature would come down if it were possible to
"correct" publications by errata notices. If it were possible to state "We
left out the diagnosis in this publication and we hereby correct that by
this erratum, with priority taking effect from the date of the original
publication." then this would pretty much be the end of the world.

Nomenclatural acts take effect from the date of their publication, all the
requirements having been fulfilled. Art 7.11 states that a typification
statement needs to meet a number of requirements, and it must be published
in its entirety (which is not all that long). As in this case the paper
apparently exists only of "typification statements" it needs to be
republished in its entirety (general parts such as a "References" section or
an abstract could be left out while referring to the earlier paper, but this
is not likely to make much difference).

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