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David Orlovich david.orlovich at botany.otago.ac.nz
Thu Jul 19 15:56:26 CDT 2007

I just found this on the web at http://trophort.com/ 
006/728/006728129.html. Might be worth a look.

> The ontogeny of the sub foliar prickles of ribes uva crispa  
> grossulariaceae
> Uhlarz, H. 1982
> Beitraege zur Biologie der Pflanzen 57(2): 245-256
> The ontogeny of the prickles at the leaf-bases of R. uva-crispa L.  
> was investigated morphogically and histologically. The small spines  
> originated from fully meristematic growth centers at the leaf base  
> which themselves are part of the dorsal meristem. A comparison  
> drawn between the prickles of R. uva-crispa L. and those of certain  
> 2-spined Euphorbia spp. revealed remarkable similarities.

Also, I think Ribes gets a mention in the following article, but I  
can't get access to it.

> Tyler, A.M. (1897). The nature and origin of stipules. Annals of  
> the New York Academy of Sciences 10(1), 1-49.

Cheers, David.

On 20/07/2007, at 5:58 AM, john.steel at botany.otago.ac.nz wrote:

> Can anyone help with the origin of the spines of the gooseberry,  
> Ribes uva-crispa?  I
> have had suggested modified stipules, modified leaf bases and  
> modified leaf node
> cells.  A reference would also be handy.  Thanks in advance.
> John Steel.
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