[Taxacom] Neil Evenhuis's new species, Phthiria relativitae

Doug Yanega dyanega at ucr.edu
Fri Jul 27 17:43:41 CDT 2007

>  > Neil Evenhuis described a new spcies of bee fly
>>  (Bombyliidae) from the US Southwest.  It is named
>>  Phthiria relativitae, n.sp.  Pronounced Theory O'
>  > Relativity.

That was back in 1985; the species is no longer in the genus 
Phthiria, unfortunately - it is now in Oligodranes, as I recall. All 
of those sorts of names are either on my home page 
(http://cache.ucr.edu/~heraty/yanega.html) or linked there (e.g., 
Phthiria relativitae is cited at 


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