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Jennifer Tate j.tate at massey.ac.nz
Thu Mar 1 13:55:04 CST 2007

Hi everyone,

Massey University has several thousand plant species growing on 
campus and we would like to begin labeling some of these as part of a 
project for our Flora course.  We are searching for an economical way 
to label the plants that will stand up to local weather conditions 
(lots of rain, wind, and high UV during the summer).  I would 
appreciate any info from those of you at arboreta, botanical gardens, 
parks, or others who have undertaken a similar endeavor.  We are 
particularly interested in recommendations of companies that will 
pre-print attractive signs at a reasonable cost.  Our local resources 
are prohibitively expensive ($20 per sign).

Thanks in advance,

Jennifer A. Tate, Ph.D.
Lecturer in Plant Systematics and Evolution
Massey University
Institute of Molecular Biosciences
Private Bag 11222
Palmerston North
New Zealand

Phone:  64-6-350-5515 ext. 7518
FAX:  64-6-350-5688


j.tate at massey.ac.nz

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