[Taxacom] plant tags

Monique Reed monique at mail.bio.tamu.edu
Fri Mar 2 13:59:08 CST 2007

If you can lay your hands on an old Addressograph machine and some blank
labels, your worries are over.  This is the system that makes absolutely
permanent military-style embossed "dog tags."  You never know who has
one lurking about somewhere.

http://www.newboldcorp.com/docs/Military_320.pdf   (I see that the
newer machine is much smaller than the nearly car-sized machine I
learned on!)

For cheaper hanging tags (hung either from branches or from stakes with
loops at the top), you can go with some of the soft metal tags. 
Debossable aluminum is an example of what you want:


Alternatively, you could buy or borrow an engraving tool, or use an
engraving tip on a rotary tool such as a Dremel and inscribe the names
on metal strips or tags and punch holes for hanging.  Sheet tin
shouldn't be too expensive.  A coat of clear acrylic over the top would
help prevent corrosion.

You can buy precut metal tags, but that might be more expensive:

For tree trunk labels, consider screwing the tags to the tree rather
than using nails.  That way, someone can go round every couple of years
and unscrew the screws a couple of turns.  That keeps the tag on the
surface of the trunk and eliminates the unsightly bending and bulging
and bark damage that occurs when a tree tries to "eat" its tag.

Monique Reed
Texas A&M

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