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John McNeill johnm at rom.on.ca
Mon Mar 5 05:20:34 CST 2007

Thanks to Janarthanam Malapati and all the others who noticed that the site at which the web version of the ICBN is being developed and being reviewed by the Editorial Committee could be accessed more widely.  Note that the site bears the Warning:

"This site is still under construction.
Information provided here might be incomplete or inaccurate.
Please consult the hard copy of the Code."

As I indicated earlier, public release and announcement of the site -- once we are sure it is not incomplete or inaccurate -- will occur later in the year.

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>>> "Janarthanam Malapati" <mkjana at gmail.com> 03/03/07 9:55 AM >>>
Vienna Code is available online at
Is it not an official one?

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