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Dear all

Two permanent positions as professor/associate professor and associate professor, both within botany with main emphasis on northern hemisphere bryophyte taxonomy and systematics are currently vacant at the Museum of Natural History and Archaeology, the Section of Natural History, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway. 

The Section of Natural History at the Museum includes research groups within biosystematics and applied ecology/conservation biology. The research group in biosystematics combines classic morphology-based taxonomy with modern molecular methods for analyses of relationships, evolutionary processes and speciation. The Museum has international expertise within bryology, with strong emphasis on systematic studies of the moss genus Sphagnum. Bryology is appointed a priority area in the Museum's strategic plan. The Section has a prominent scientific collection of bryophytes from the northern hemisphere including type specimens. This collection has high international value, and we wish to strengthen its documentation and representative value. It is therefore the a goal that the two advertised positions jointly shall continue and further develop the bryological tradition at the Section, both concerning research and activity connected to the scientific collections.

The professor and associate professor will have work duties within research, scientific collections, public outreach, teaching and administration, following the general regulations for permanent scientific employees at the Museum. We would like to see the two positions held by persons that have solid and relevant professional backgrounds to further develop our research capacity in systematics. 

The professorship will constitute the Section's main position in biological systematics, and the person appointed in the position will have a special responsibility for the further progress of the research activity in the discipline in accordance with international development. 

The appointed person in the associate professorship will have the main responsibility for the professional maintenance and further development of the Section's scientific collections of bryophytes. An important part of this work will be to extend and procure knowledge of distribution, occurrence patterns and threat factors of Norwegian mosses, and to communicate such knowledge to the general public. The research performed in this position shall also primarily lie within biosystematics, including phylogeny, evolution and phylogeography, and the associate professor will be an integrated part of the systematics research group at the Section of Natural History. But the position also opens for a nature conservation approach to bryological research.

For detailed information on the requirements and how to apply, please contact head of section Kaare Aagaard (kaare.aagaard at vm.ntnu.no). Application dead line is March 13. 2007

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