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Strange that this should make the news now I have returned to Greece,
three weeks ago I was in Laem Pak Bia working with Win, Phillip's PhD
student and he told me this story.  Laem Pak Bia is an amazing place, as
is the whole of Thailand really.  When the staff there discovered I was a
poet as well as an ecologist they asked me to write something about Laem
Pak Bia, I am not good at commissioned stuff, it alsways seems to lack
spirit, but here is what they got. For the non-literary minded it is a

Laem Pak Bia

The birding’s always good at Laem Pak Bia,
where a King’s spirit overlooks the scene
he painted in bright strokes of future green;
the birds have learnt there’s nothing here to fear.
Each evening you can watch more flocks arrive,
seeking the safety of wise men and trees,
to sleep amid the measured plots, while these
help Thailand’s precious mangroves to survive.
Here Nature meets with Science to declare
the beauty and power of harmony.
Working together is what sets us free.
Answers abound for those whose hearts will dare.
So take a walk, go see the birds in peace,
and pray that works like this will never cease.

> Correction:
>      The bird was rediscovered "in Thailand" (originally discovered in
> India).
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>>Dear All,
>>      For those of you who haven't yet heard, an extremely rare bird has
>>been rediscovered in India:
>>    -----Ken
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