[Taxacom] Visit Linnaeus sites in Uppsala during the jubilee 2007

Elisabeth Långström elisabeth.langstrom at ebc.uu.se
Mon Mar 12 03:39:00 CDT 2007

Dear all,

This year the tercenary of Carl Linnaeus 
(1707-1778) is celebrated all over the world, and 
especially in Uppsala, Sweden, where Linnaeus was 
a professor at Uppsala University for 37 years. 
In connection to the celebration, a course about 
Linnaeus' life has been created at Uppsala 
University. The course is offered as an Internet 
based course in English each autumn 

As a special occasion during the summer 2007, 
Uppsala University also offers a summer course 
for international participants in Uppsala. The 
summer course in Uppsala, lasting from 30 July to 
10 August, offers lectures given by prominent 
Linnaeus experts, study visits to Linnaeus sites, 
excursions in Linnaean Landscapes and 
participation in jubilee events.

For more information about the courses and 
application, please see 

Deadline for application to the summer course in Uppsala is April 1st.
Deadline for application to the Internet based 
course this autumn is April 15th.

Best wishes
Elisabeth Långström, Uppsala, Sweden
Elisabeth Långström

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