[Taxacom] Species with the highest rate of carbon sequestering

Ken Kinman kinman at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 12 19:31:31 CDT 2007

     I would guess it would be some species of bamboo.  If you want to know 
the particular species or amounts of carbon sequestered, I would suggest 
consulting the works of Jules J. A. Janssen (of Eindhoven Technical 
University), or just e-mail him at:

j.j.a.janssen at bwk.tue.nl

>Does any one which species is/are the ones with the highest rate of carbon
>We have a recent inquiry about this, and the person also wanted to know
>whether hemp was one of the candidates.
>So, any data/publications supporting this information will be greatly
>Many thanks and cheers,
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