[Taxacom] moss circles

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Hi Chuck,
I am guessing, but will suggest insect.  I do not see enough
slime trail for it to be a mollusc.

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> Recently, circles were discovered in moss living on barkless pine logs in
> an area of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee.  A good
> number of logs having moss had the circles.  Examples can be viewed at
> http://www.discoverlifeinamerica.org/atbi/species/Plantae/Bryophyta/index.shtml
> Most of the suggestions we have come up with for the origin of these
> features are as fanciful as those advanced to explain crop circles
> (miniature aliens, drunken snails, etc.).  Anyone have any knowledge of
> these and of what causes them?
> Thanks,
> Chuck
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