[Taxacom] Cost of Automontage System

Thomas Yancey yancey at geo.tamu.edu
Wed Mar 21 12:59:00 CDT 2007

That's similar to my experience with Zeiss as well. When I needed to 
obtain a photographic setup for an older model microscope, the 
salesman I was referred to was not available because of being in a 2 
day company meeting. He handed me off to an 'imagaing consultant' and 
finally sent a quote. Then, when getting ready to order, he wouldn't 
actually take an order, but required that I order online, which was a 

My conclusion is that the category of salesman is actually a part of 
marketing, not sales.

Tom Yancey

>On Mon, March 19, 2007 10:41 am, Una Smith wrote:
>>  Won Young Choi wrote:
>>>I plan to buy an Automontage system with high-end stereo(two or one
>>>eyepieced) microscope (Leica or Zeiss).
>>>Do anybody know the estimated cost of the automontage system which I
>>>prefer to buy?
>>  Contact the companies you may want to purchase from and ask them
>>  for quotes.  The companies employ sales representatives to do this
>>  for you.
>Which is precisely why you would want to ask on here instead.  At least,
>that's my feeling after having dealt with our friendly local Leica rep.

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