[Taxacom] Cost of Automontage System

Karl Magnacca kmagnacca at alumni.wesleyan.edu
Wed Mar 21 12:48:27 CDT 2007

On Wed, March 21, 2007 10:59 am, Thomas Yancey wrote:
> That's similar to my experience with Zeiss as well. When I needed to
> obtain a photographic setup for an older model microscope, the
> salesman I was referred to was not available because of being in a 2
> day company meeting. He handed me off to an 'imagaing consultant' and
> finally sent a quote. Then, when getting ready to order, he wouldn't
> actually take an order, but required that I order online, which was a
> hassle.

That's what I find really annoying: the people you talk to on the phone or
online won't give you a price and require you contact the sales rep (even
though the quote comes from the central office), who won't take your
order.  Maybe it's a way of not letting you know how much it costs until
you've done enough research into the system that you don't want to start
over again with another brand?  The guy I dealt with also added several
items into the quote that I hadn't asked for, so maybe that's a part of it
too.  It just seems like adding another layer into the process (I won't
say anything about Golgafrincham).

> My conclusion is that the category of salesman is actually a part of
> marketing, not sales.

I can't see how it helps either; it just makes it more difficult to order
and the sales rep is often a detractor (someone I know is buying a
different brand precisely so he won't have to deal with the Leica guy).


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