[Taxacom] Cuatrecasas Award Announcement

Tim Lowrey tlowrey at unm.edu
Sun Mar 25 17:10:18 CDT 2007

The Smithsonian Institution’s
Cuatrecasas Fellowship Award

The Smithsonian Institution’s Department of Botany announces the 
Cuatrecasas Fellowship Award.  This annual competition will usually 
result in 1-2 awards, each one not to exceed $3000 (US).  The award is 
to support work in the spirit of the research of the late Dr. José 
Cuatrecasas, a long time associate of the US National Herbarium.  
Priority will be given to scientists from Latin America or from 
elsewhere who work on tropical plants.  Funds are to be used to study 
specimens housed in the US National Herbarium.  Anyone interested in 
applying for the award should submit a short curriculum vitae, a 
proposal and two letters of support; it is suggested, but not required, 
that one of the letters be from a scientist at the Smithsonian.  
Proposals should not exceed two pages in length and should include the 
following: Name & address of applicant, date submitted, specific 
objective of trip, overall research project, date of trip, and budget.  
Complete applications should be sent via email, fax, or airmail to Dr. 
V. A. Funk at the address listed below.  Email is preferred and you 
should receive a reply confirming that we have received your 
application.  Applications should arrive no later than 1 June 2007and 
applicants will be notified of the committee decision no later than 15 
June 2007.
	Anyone wishing to make a contribution to the José Cuatrecasas Award 
should send a check to the Chairman, Department of Botany, using the 
address listed below.

Department of Botany
Smithsonian Institution
P.O. Box 37012
Washington DC 20013-7012 USA
FAX 202-786-2563  (funkv at si.edu)

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