[Taxacom] Field Biologist Data Gathering Tools

Kevin Richards RichardsK at landcareresearch.co.nz
Mon Mar 26 17:02:44 CDT 2007

I am about to give a presentation here at Landcare, tomorrow, on
collecting survey/(any) field data using PDA/Palm/mobile GPS devices.
We have been working on a PDA application that allows you to specify
any data schema for collecting a variety of data types/formats in the
field (mostly GPS/location based survey/observational data, but could be
anything).  This schema is then downloaded to the PDA where an
application we have written loads this schema and allows the user to
collect data for the schema.  After collection the data can be uploaded
to the server (wirelessly or direct connection) via a web service, which
stores the data into a generic data collection DB, and also performs a
custom action if specified.  The custom action can be saving to a
spreadsheet file, another DB, XML file, etc.

This whole system is still under development, in prototyping phase, but
is very promising, and producing some very good benefits, including
savings in time and $$$.
Kevin Richards
Landcare Research

>>> "Richard Pyle" <deepreef at bishopmuseum.org> 27/03/2007 7:25:51 a.m.

Thanks, Robert -- I agree -- there needs to be a Palm version of it --
ideally with integrated GPS.  I think there are some software for
plants and
other field-gathering data, but I'm still looking into this now.


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> >    2. Field Biologist Data Gathering Tools (Richard Pyle)
> Presently use a palm to record much of the same data.  It 
> would be nice to know if there is palm os software created 
> for this purpose, or if there is anyone working on such a 
> program.  I presently use the memo pad for this purpose.  
> This allows me to transfer the data directly to a desktop at 
> a later date.  Palms are so much more convenient in the field.
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