[Taxacom] Field Biologist Data Gathering Tools

Robert H Neidlinger robert.neidlinger at wku.edu
Tue Mar 27 16:45:08 CDT 2007


To begin with one must understand that we are a small university
herbarium, with that in mind the following may or may not seem relevant
or applicable to other collections.  Wanted to make others aware of this.

We place the following on labels.  Collector, collector number, state,
county, location description, habitat description, elevation (if given)
lat/long coordinates (if known), collector name, collector number, and
date of collection.  I have had no problems, up to this point, in
fitting this information on a standard herbarium label.

We use the accession number as the unique identifier in our database. 
We have a number of addition fields in the database to include:  notes,
individual who identified the specimen if different from the collector,
annotation data (individual doing the annotation, date and
determination), and a number of other fields that escape me at the
present time.

We use IndexKy for our database.  This is a database run in Microsoft
Access and is free for the asking.  Presently it is going through a
rewrite and will hopefully be done by the ASB meeting in April.


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