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Applications for the Fourth Bernhard Rensch Prize for Biological Systematics
of the GfBS


The Bernhard Rensch Prize is awarded annually by the Society of Biological
Systematics (GfBS, Germany) to a young scientist who has demonstrated
exceptional work in any area of biological systematics. The award was
launched by the GfBS according to a suggestion by the recently deceased
Prof. Dr. Ernst Mayr, an honorary member of the GfBS, who also helped
underwrite the endowment for the prize with a generous contribution. The
prize honours the lifelong work of Bernhard Rensch, one of the founders of
the 'New Systematics'.


Eligible for consideration is any significant work (e.g., Bachelors or
Masters thesis, PhD dissertation, or the equivalent) where the applicant is
the sole or primary author. The study can be in any area in which the GfBS
is involved, with botanical, paleontological, and zoological (broadly
defined) studies all being equally desired. All submitted work will be
judged according to its scientific quality, innovativeness and creativity by
the Bernhard Rensch Committee, consisting of members of the council of the
GfBS and one additional, external jury member.


The prize of 1000 Euro together with the Bernhard Rensch Medal will be
awarded at the Annual Meeting of the Society, where the recipient will
present the work in a public seminar. The Society will pay all the costs of
the recipient associated with attending the annual meeting as well as
awarding a free one-year membership to the Society.


The following is a summary of the key points associated with an application
for the prize:

-         The prize is open to all members of the scientific community,
whether or not they are members of the GfBS. Candidates can be either
self-nominated or nominated by another person.

-         The candidate must be either the sole or primary author of the
nominated work.

-         Only works written in either English or German can unfortunately
be taken into consideration.

-         The nominated work can be in any of the areas of systematic
botany, paleontology, or zoology, each of which will be judged equally.

-         The candidates must have defended their PhD no more than three
years before the submission deadline.

-         Applications must include two hardcopies of the nominated work. A
short summary of the candidate's academic career and any other relevant
material, either about the study or the candidate, is also welcome.

-         All applications must be received by November 30, 2007 and be sent
to the following:

PD Dr. Uwe Fritz, Direktor
Museum fuer Tierkunde (Museum of Zoology)
Staatliche Naturhistorische Sammlungen Dresden
(Natural History State Collections Dresden)
A.-B.-Meyer-Bau / Koenigsbruecker Landstr. 159
D-01109 Dresden
Phone ++49/(0)351/8926-326
Fax ++49/(0)351/8926-327
 <http://www.snsd.de/> http://www.snsd.de

GfBS: Gesellschaft fuer Biologische Systematik / Society of Biological
Systematics  <http://gfbs-home.de/> http://gfbs-home.de
Journal of the GfBS: Organisms, Diversity and Evolution (ODE)


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