[Taxacom] European Virtual Library of Taxonomic Literature - Requirements Survey

Charles Hussey c.hussey at nhm.ac.uk
Thu May 3 11:08:53 CDT 2007

The European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy (EDIT) is a Network of
Excellence project, funded by the EU for 5 years
(http://www.e-taxonomy.eu/). One of the deliverables of the project will
be a Bibliographic Resource to be known as the European Virtual Library
of Taxonomic Literature (E-ViTL).

This part of the project is being managed by the Natural History Museum,
London and we are in the process of defining detailed specifications for
such a service. We are keen (naturally!) to ensure that the service will
meet actual user needs and so, if this is an area dear to your heart,
you are warmly invited to participate in an online survey at:
http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?A=193016818E830 (the survey will close
at midnight on 11th May)

This will ensure that your views are taken into account.

NOTE: E-ViTL is likely to be a resource discovery tool rather than a
repository of full text articles. It could, however, point users to
repositories, such as the Biodiversity Heritage Library
(http://bhl.si.edu/), online journals and other sources.

There is some debate over whether E-ViTL should attempt to provide
reference management functions, in addition to providing access to
literature. Also whether it should be a repository for reference lists,
rather than a portal to search distributed repositories. However, the
purpose of this survey is to gather user requirements and, although it
is unlikely that E-ViTL will be able to incorporate all possible
requirements, your views will provide a useful pointer for future

Yours sincerely,

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