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What is needed then is a grant scheme from NSF, NSERC, etc. the world over
to fund the authoring of species pages in EoL and a clearinghouse mechanism
in EoL to ensure no taxonomic overlap/duplicate in awarded grants.

How many public/government funding institutions are onboard with EoL to
award authors of species pages thus building the content? The massively
successful public announcement of EoL should now be used as ammunition to
lobby for these sorts of grant monies.

David P. Shorthouse
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If EoL has hope of covering even a fraction of what the press releases claim
will, EoL needs to implement a funding body that supports content
 Ideally, this would be in the form of a grant program targeted at experts
day jobs don't ordinarily allow for participation in the EoL.  Otherwise the
will be like all the other biodiversity projects on the internet:
of completed taxa floating in a great sea of emptiness.

Alex Wild
University of Arizona

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