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Max BILLAH mbillah at icipe.org
Sun May 13 01:43:27 CDT 2007

Dear Members,

I am currently working on fruit flies in Sri Lanka and would be grateful if
menbers can help me find the following papers/pdfs.

   1. Tsuruta, K., & White, IM (2001). Eleven new species of the genus
   Bactrocera (Diptera: Tephritidae) from Sri Lanka.*Entomological
   Science*, 4: 69-87.
   2. Tsuruta, K.., White, IM., Bandara, HMJ, Rajapakse, H, Sundaraperma,
   SAH, Kahawatta, SBMUC & Rajapakse, GBJP (1997). A preliminary note on the
   host-plants of fruit flie of the tribe Dacini (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Sri
   Lanka. *Esakia*, 37: 149-160.
   3. Tsuruta, K., Bandara, HMJ, 7 Rajapakse, GBJP (2005). Notes on the
   lure responsiveness of fruit flies of the tribe Dacini (Diptera:
   Tephritidae) in Sri Lanka. *Esakia,* 45: 179-184.

I would appreciate posting off list to any of the 2 addresses below;
mbillah at icipe.org
makelbi at gmail.com

Thanks in advance.


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