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The $10 PCR is not going to level anything, other than continue the
presumption that molecular similarity is all one needs to make for good

What could make a real difference in taxonomic activity is funding
recognition for taxonomic monographs and for morphology as an
independently viable foundation for phylogenetic reconstruction.

John Grehan

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> Richard,
> What would make EoL indispensable for you? If you had your say in its
> architecture, what would you want?
> Sure, money in the coffers equals prestige for a short-sighted Dean.
> be interesting when the $10 PCR device nears production:
> http://medgadget.com/archives/2007/05/10_dna_replicator.html. That
> to
> be a great leveler.
> But what we really need here is to chip away at journal impact
> That
> ultimately is the well from which money springs. If the EoL workbench
> play a role in that somehow, then I will absolutely spend a couple of
> weekends writing species pages or wake-up early a few days every week
> contribute content. Heck, I'll even make it a family affair instead of
> spending $40 on a night at the movies. Wouldn't that activity be a
> closer to replenishing the stock of taxonomists?
> David P. Shorthouse
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> David Patterson:
> You have taxonomists on the Team! That's wonderful. I am willing to
> however, that you don't have more than 100, much less one per family.
> Unless
> you are not paying them, and the buy-in involves their "spare time" as
> contributed by institution heads on the Team.
> It's not exactly money alone that we taxonomists are grumpy about.
> who
> have jobs already have money. It is how university deans see
> research versus, say, DNA research. One (doing EoL pages) is unfunded,
> other brings in lots of indirect costs.
> The EoL as presently conceived will encourage and accelerate the loss
> taxonomists at our universities. University deans would do well to
> Biodiversity Project Heads because those positions seem well funded.
> "EoL is not a funding agency." It should be.
> R. Zander
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