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I support the idea of doi
(http://biodivcontext.blogspot.com/2007_02_01_archive.html)and think, EOL
with its huge potential based only on the impact of BHL as access provider
to the legacy publications. But I would also see it as a chance to move our
publications into the open access domain, because only this allows to
optimize EOL with the best possible acess to our current knowledge.

Alma Swan
tml)makes some good points about open access, which also support Rod's point
about citation indeces

"it enables greater visibility and, as a result, impact; it moves science
along more quickly; it enables new 'Web 2.0' semantic technologies to work
on scientific output, generating new knowledge by data-mining and
text-mining scientific output in the vast single information space that Open
Access provides ; and it enables new tools that can measure impact and
effectiveness in brand new ways, a boon to research managers and funders
across the world."

Thus, once the base of EOL is laid, I think it needs to look into better way
to input new data, new description on a bases that whatever is published, is
also part of the EOL. That could happen with open access, something like a
modified creative commons license allowing at least the descriptions to be
part of the commons or even a publication service for describing the
millions of new species.


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> But what we really need here is to chip away at journal impact  
> factors. That
> ultimately is the well from which money springs. If the EoL workbench  
> can
> play a role in that somehow, then I will absolutely spend a couple of
> weekends writing species pages or wake-up early a few days every week  
> to
> contribute content. Heck, I'll even make it a family affair instead of
> spending $40 on a night at the movies. Wouldn't that activity be a step
> closer to replenishing the stock of taxonomists?

This is one reason why I've argued for DOIs for the "pages" in EoL.  
That way they can fit easily into existing publisher's workflow (i.e.,  
publishers can link to EoL pages in the same way they link to previous  
literature), and EoL will be able to demonstrate that it is being cited  
(there's also the added benefit of EoL pages being able to list the  
actual papers that cite it, hence EoL pages will always be up to date  
in at least one respect).

I also think we need to do more than just bemoan the low impact factor  
of taxonomic work, because in part it's our own fault. See  
metrics.html for some suggestions.



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> David Patterson:
> You have taxonomists on the Team! That's wonderful. I am willing to  
> bet,
> however, that you don't have more than 100, much less one per family.  
> Unless
> you are not paying them, and the buy-in involves their "spare time" as
> contributed by institution heads on the Team.
> It's not exactly money alone that we taxonomists are grumpy about.  
> Those who
> have jobs already have money. It is how university deans see  
> biodiversity
> research versus, say, DNA research. One (doing EoL pages) is unfunded,  
> the
> other brings in lots of indirect costs.
> The EoL as presently conceived will encourage and accelerate the loss  
> of
> taxonomists at our universities. University deans would do well to  
> hire WWW
> Biodiversity Project Heads because those positions seem well funded.
> "EoL is not a funding agency." It should be.
> R. Zander
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