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S.R.Edwards sean.r.edwards at btinternet.com
Tue May 15 04:12:40 CDT 2007

Many thanks George, for your reply off-list,

Yes I had searched the TAXACOM archives, and have just done so again. I guess the thread is hiding within another thread, although I think I have now opened just about every posting back to last December, and it was since then!  I'm beginning to doubt my memory!

I did not make the original posting (I had not seen the advertisements then) but noted the several TAXACOM responses with interest, not just that it was a hydrozoan, but identified to species. But I now see the 'plant' being hawked around in those gizmo catalogues that fall out of the (UK) papers.

Key words/phrases in the thread/advertisements included (I think) Neptune Plant, fern, from the deep ocean bed, resurrection OR revives, green, unable to be classified in any botanical category [true], botanical wonder of nature. One TAXACOM poster suggested that the vendors were misrepresenting -- which they certainly are!

I'll make this my last shot at TAXACOM to get this answer. This is hardly very important, but my curiosity is up!  If anybody knows, and had assumed that somebody else had answered to me off-list, then please let me know. Thanks.



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