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Mary et al,

	Before there are established protocols or schema to produce xml
documents for taxonomic mark-up or the Semantic Web thinking has
sufficiently gelled, let us first back-up a second and simplify the

	If I understand Mary correctly, she is looking more for a recipe to
produce good HTML for search engine optimization or, failing that, a
folksonomy of sorts to ensure that her content can somehow be aggregated or
discovered. Apologies, Mary if this really isn't the case. Regardless, since
producers of web content are still much like Google, MSN, or Yahoo pawns, it
would behoove all of us who produce content for the web to understand what
elements make a page climb up the search ranks. This is indeed a slippery
slope...please avoid companies whose specialize in search engine
optimizations...but a good place to start is
http://seo-tutorial.seoadministrator.com/. If in addition to this you were
looking for a folksonomy of sorts, then the answer is no unless you wanted
to get involved in the species Microformat group...been there, done that and
quickly ran away.

	What you should really consider is having a programmatic way to
deliver your pages using a simple template. The elements on your page that
need to change from one species to the next or one presentation type to the
next can be fed using a database and programming language like PHP, ASP,

Hope this was the sort of thing you were chasing,

David P. Shorthouse
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This arises indirectly from the EoL discussion but it is not that.
There have been many posts about marking things up so they can be found.
Is there an abc level page on how to do this? Written for someone so old
she can remember electric typewriters as being new? I have servers with
a fair amount of taxonomic content on the Web (see
http://herbarium.usu.edu/webmanual/ and http://utc.usu.edu/keys/ )  With
Marina Olanova's help I have a translation of Tsvelev's 2006 global
treatment of Glyceria almost ready to post.  It contains a discussion,
listing of species with publication information and some comments, and a
key, and a list of excluded species. It would be nice if this could be
found a year from now because it was marked up correctly.
I would be delighted to mark these up so it would be easier for people
to find them. I am working on putting key words in the headers, but
reading about the semantic Web and following these discussions, I have
the impression there are better ways to do this. So, those of you who
know - please - is there a Web page that explains how in words of one
syllable?  Or do I simply define my own mark up language at the top of
the document?
My suspicion is that there are others like myself who would make their
work more accessible if they knew how - hence my public decision of
admit ignorance. I have already seen some of the grass descriptions
appear, with minor changes (rounding of limits to the nearest 0.5 mm) on
other pages with a somewhat different format. The print publication that
they come from was cited, slightly inaccurately but it was a reasonable

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