[Taxacom] Neptune Plant -- thanks

S.R.Edwards sean.r.edwards at btinternet.com
Tue May 15 15:37:30 CDT 2007

Many thanks to all those who have responded. The photograph of the plant 
being hawked around here looks very similar to that on:
(thanks Valéry) which is (Valéry suggests?) Sertularia cupressina/argentea.

It also looks like the illustration of Sertularia cupressina (Whiteweed or 
White Weed) in the Collins Pocket Guide: Sea Shore, that Jan Bosselaers 
referred to on TAXACOM in 1999 (thanks James), rather than the Bugula of the 
other websites, Collins Pocket Guide, etc..

Hardly a definitive ID, but backed up (as Jan said) by the Collins Pocket 
Guide: "This large hydroid is often used, dried and dyed, for decorative 
purposes, such as flower decorations. European populations are harvested and 
exported to the U.S.A", this seems to sort the matter sufficiently for me.



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