[Taxacom] Economist leader addressed to taxonomists

Barry Roth barry_roth at yahoo.com
Thu May 17 15:22:55 CDT 2007

No cheer here, thank you.  Small wonder taxonomists are underfunded when there are perceptions like this in the world "out there".  And guaranteed, more Decision Makers read The Economist than scan Systematic Biology.  I hope that some taxacomers more eloquent than I will send in their rebuttals.  I'll try too, but right now my vision is clouded by anger and disgust.
  Barry Roth

colin favret <crf at uiuc.edu> wrote:
  I thought this editorial on species inflation might be of interest to 
some here. cheer, colin


Colin Favret
Aphidologist at large
crf at uiuc.edu

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