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Kathy Kron kronka at wfu.edu
Thu May 17 20:40:14 CDT 2007

 Surely, there must be a better commentary on economics than Linnaeus!
 Just shows how much economists know about systematics!

On 5/17/07, Frederick W. Schueler <bckcdb at istar.ca> wrote:
> Doug Yanega wrote:
> >> I thought this editorial on species inflation might be of interest to
> >> some here. cheer, colin
> >>
> >> http://www.economist.com/opinion/displaystory.cfm?story_id=9191545
> >
> > This is a classic example of "bait and switch". The header mentions
> > conservationists, and then the text goes on to make it sound like
> > taxonomists = conservationists. It's like blaming a gun manufacturer
> > for someone who goes on a shooting spree using one of their guns.
> * and without mentioning any murders that have occurred.
> Surely there are situations when conservation concerns are accused of
> prompting an elevation of a population to subspecies, and there could be
> a comparison between jurisdictions, such as the USA, where taxonomic
> status is required for  endangered status, in comparison with those,
> such as Canada, where any portion of a species range can be a
> 'designateable unit.' And doesn't moist recent splitting come directly
> from the phylogenetic species concept, rather than from any other cause?
> Also, what's this about Linnaeus' status as an economist? Googleing
> "Linnaeus economics" gives me even more than what I thought I
> remembered: "the forgotten economic theories of... Linnaeus believed
> that Sweden... should seek to replicate the diversity of the world on
> Swedish soil. Koerner provides a dismal menu of his failed projects --
> pearls and tea are particularly spectacular fiascos -- and his equally
> unfortunate Scandocentric anthropological adventures among the Sami of
> Lapland, as he plotted to destroy the basis of his admiration for that
> indigenous culture by exploiting the natural resources upon which it
> relied for sustenance."
> fred.
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