[Taxacom] Economist leader addressed to taxonomists

Maarten Christenhusz maachr at utu.fi
Fri May 18 03:35:49 CDT 2007

Dear all,

In reactoin to this article in the Economist, I think we would do well to write a counter article from a variety of taxonomic fields (both plants and animals, macro and micro organisms) to explain to the Economist how important taxonomy is, what the differences are from systematics and conservation biology, that taxonomy is the basis of all biological studies, and that we are heavily underfunded, probably because the discipline is heavily misunderstood by the wider public. I would be very willing to participate in this, but as a vascular plant scientist, my knowledge on primates and the microbial world is limited. Shall we write a counter article on taxonomy to the Economist? Who's with me?

Maarten Christenhusz
Dept. of Biology, sect. Biodiversity
University of Turku
20014 Turku

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From: Barry Roth <barry_roth at yahoo.com>
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> Thank you for the cheering example of a much better researched 
> article -- including the revelation that Prof. Daniel Brooks makes 
> phenetic ("magnitude of difference") judgments regarding the rank 
> of taxa he deals with.
>  Barry Roth
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> * well, here's a less ignorant take from a mainstream newspaper:
> Subject: Press: The Trouble With Taxonomy
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