Gangolf Jobb gangolf at treefinder.de
Mon May 21 06:55:57 CDT 2007

A new TREEFINDER version is online at:


New features are:

- more paired-sites tests: ELW, BP, KH, SH, WSH, AU
- LRSH edge support replaced by LR-ELW (based on expected-likelihood 
- output of sitewise likelihoods
- information criteria: AIC, AICc, BIC
- protein models with optimized and empirical amino acid frequencies (+F)
- utilities to concatenate alignments, reports and sample files
- utilities to change tree topology and arrange hypotheses
- parallel bootstrapping
- Intel and G5 binaries for the Mac

Please note that I am still not being paid for my work and that I had no 
income for years.

Gangolf Jobb

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