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I hear that someone wants to declare the bones of Linnaeus as the lectotype for 
Homo sapiens.  As I know some people who are fossils at 60, 300-year-old bones 
should be good fossils.  
Therefore, the said someone should describe the bones as being Homo sapienites, 

Quoting "Chapman, Alex" <Alex.Chapman at dec.wa.gov.au>:

> Carl Linnaeus was born 300 years ago in a small village in Smaland, Rashult,
> Sweden, and rose to become known as the 'Father of taxonomy'. He championed
> the binomial system of naming biological organisms and developed the first
> scientific classification system for life on earth. The Linnaeus Tercentenary
> offers many interesting events around the globe - from scientific conferences
> to lectures for the general public, exhibitions, and guided tours. The
> complete list can be found on the Linnaeus 2007 site
> (http://www.linnaeus2007.se/). 
> To commemorate Linnaeus birthday on 23 May, the Western Australian Herbarium
> has produced 'A guide to the Linnaean species occurring in Western Australia'
> (see http://florabase.dec.wa.gov.au/events/) - a listing of plant and fungal
> species originally described by Linnaeus and native or naturalised in Western
> Australia, linked to more detailed information on each taxon in 'FloraBase -
> the Western Australian Flora'. 
> Other WA events will include a Photography workshop and Science-Systematics
> mini-symposium, to be held during Spring. 
> Happy birthday L.  ! 
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