[Taxacom] Job opportunity: Uppsala University - Associate professor in Systematic Botany

Anneleen Kool Anneleen.Kool at ebc.uu.se
Wed May 23 14:07:38 CDT 2007

Dear All,

Please apply to the following position!

Uppsala University hereby declares the following position to be open  
for application:

Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer in Systematic Botany

at the Department of Evolution, Genomics and Systematics, Evolutionary  
Biology Centre.

Description of position: The research area includes evolution,  
phylogeny and systematics of plants . The position is at the  
Department of Evolution, Genomics and Systematics, Evolutionary  
Biology Centre (EBC), with duties also at the Department of Biological  

Duties: The position includes research, teaching at graduate and  
undergraduate levels, and administration. Teaching duties are in plant  
systematics and floristics , and include course responsibility, course  
administration and supervising of Ph.D. students. It is expected that  
the successful applicant follows the developments in the area of  
research, and in the surrounding community, that are of relevance for  
the position. It is also expected that the applicants actively  
participates in developing the research and education profile of the  
Department and seeks to attract external funding.

Eligibility: To be eligible for a position as Associate Professor, the  
applicant must hold a Ph.D and have completed suitable pedagogical  
training for teaching at university level, or have corresponding  
qualifications and pedagogical skills. Uppsala University 's general  
employment regulations also require that teachers have any other  
skills, which are necessary to carry out their duties proficiently.  
Documentation of teaching skills must be presented in a way that  
allows qualitative assessment.

The ability to teach in Swedish or English is a requirement. The  
successful candidate is expected to be able to teach in Swedish within  
two years from appointment.

A person who is offered a position as Associate Professor/Senior  
Lecturer will be employed as professor if she/he has requested this  
and is subsequently judged to be sufficiently competent.

An applicant who has not completed suitable pedagogical training for  
teaching at university level will be employed for a maximum of one  
year. If she/he during the first year of employment acquires relevant  
pedagogical training the employment will be permanent upon request.

Ranking criteria: In ranking eligible candidates, equal importance  
will be given to scientific and teaching skills.

When judging scientific proficiency special importance will be  
attached to qualifications in evolutionary oriented research in plant  
systematics. When judging teaching skills, consideration will be given  
to experience and planning, carrying out and evaluating teaching and  
examinations, and supervising students.

In filling this position the university aims to recruit the person  
who, in the combined evaluation of competence, skills and documented  
qualifications, is judged most suitable to carry out and develop the  
work-in-hand and to contribute to a positive development of the  

Administrative skills are important for the position and will be  
considered. This may be documented by experience from comprehensive  
planning of research or education activities, skills in leading  
personnel and ability to collaboration. The candidate's aptitude in  
interacting with the surrounding community, informing people about  
research and development work, and other relevant skills are also  

Personal circumstances that may be of positive relevance in merit  
evaluation, for example parental leave, should be mentioned in the  
list of qualifications (CV).

How to apply: The application must be written in English. The  
applicant is required to submit three copies of documents (two copies  
of publications) according to instructions found on the web site  
http://www.teknat.uu.se/english/instructions.php or available from  
Sofia Wretblad, phone+46 18 471 7137, e-mail Sofia.Wretblad at uadm.uu.se

Further information about the position: Please contact the Head of the  
Department, Professor Hans Ellegren, tel +46-18-471 6460, e-mail  
Hans.Ellegren at ebc.uu.se or Leif.Tibell at ebc.uu.se. Information about  
the Department can be found on http://www.egs.uu.se/

The trade union representatives are Anders Grundström, SACO (the  
Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations), phone +46-18 471  
5380 and Carin Söderhäll, TCO/ST (the Swedish Confederation of  
Professional Employees), phone +46-18 471 1996, Stefan Djurström, SEKO  
(the Union of Service and Communication Employees), phone +46-18 471  

Applications should be directed to the Vice Chancellor and they should  
be mailed so as to arrive at Uppsala University, Registrar´s Office  
UFV-PA 2007/1070, Box 256, S-751 05 Uppsala, Sweden or fax +46-18 471  
2000 by June 18, 2007 at the latest. A fax should be followed by a  
signed original of the application sent within a week of the deadline.

See also: http://www.personalavd.uu.se/ledigaplatser/1070unlekt_eng.html



Anneleen Kool MSc
Chair, PhD Board, Faculty of Science and Technology
Department of Evolution, Genomics, and Systematics
Subdepartment of Systematic Botany
Uppsala University
Norbyvägen 18D
SE-75236 Uppsala

tel. +46 18 4712780
fax. +46 18 4716457

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