[Taxacom] laser-printed internal labels

HJoel.Hutcheson at aphis.usda.gov HJoel.Hutcheson at aphis.usda.gov
Wed May 23 14:34:55 CDT 2007

Hi List,

I'm considering using either 50% rag content paper or a product called 
"Rite in the Rain" copier paper, for labels containing collection and ID 
data, to be immersed in 70% ethanol.

Is there any concensus whether laser-printed labels on either paper listed 
might lose toner (and the info)?

So,  two questions:   which paper is best to use for labels that will be 
kept in 70% ethanol,
and does anyone have any experience with either of the above kinds of 
paper and laser-printing on them (also in ethanol)?

Thanks in advance, Taxacomers,

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