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Donat Agosti agosti at amnh.org
Thu May 24 02:35:51 CDT 2007

No, the answer is NOT to grind our teeth and complain again. The answer is
to present populated shells: A complete functional Zoobank registry with
link to all the descriptions and the underlying data. A complete IPNI. An
EOL which delivers all the goodies promised. A BHL that not only talks about
the million of pages but provides clean OCR-ed and xml-ed version of the
documents with all the names and treatment boundaries marked up, so they are
a real part of the Web.

This, and only this, will change the cynicism in editorial boards of news
media who so often reported on wonderful huge development like ALL species,
ITIS, species2000 all not delivering and often became quickly dysfunctional.
Copy successful taxononomic web servers such as those existing for Fish,
Plants, Hymenoptera, Fungi, etc.

Take this as a warning. Let's go home and make our data accessible, that is
self archive at least your publications. Make sure, that EOL can harvest
your data so their PR machine does not have to continue promoting empty
shells. Make sure, that the Biodiversity Heritage Library doesn't remain de
void of modern revisions. Make sure ZooBank is fully operational in 2008 at
the Systema Naturae 250 in Paris. Let's make sure, that conservationists are
using specimen data in the countdown2010.

Donat Agosti

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well, thats the best we can do! Hope something will be printed either in 
the Economist or elsewhere. Maybe the strategy is to have a letter on 
the Economist refering to a printed version.


Paul van Rijckevorsel wrote:
> From: "Geoff Read" <g.read at niwa.co.nz>
>> FYI. Economist have put two letters up on the website last night. 
> Ruedas & Brown, and Yanega.
>> http://www.economist.com/debate/theinbox/
> ***
> With all due respect, Letters-to-the-editor posted on a website will
> have the same impact on the readers of the Economist as a Leader piece in
> the print edition.
> Paul
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